Death Wears Purple Running Shoes: Week 12

We’ve been playing a really fun game with UPS this week called, “Why won’t you just leave the package on our porch like we asked you to?” so my training schedule got thrown off because I wanted to be home in case they decided to stop by while someone was actually at home.

Don’t worry though. I did jump around the living room, trying to simulate running. In reality, it ended up with me chasing Gracie around the living room until we were both tired. She loves that game.

On Saturday, I ran a 5k- the Race for Triumph benefiting Traffick911, a LOCAL non-profit that is geared toward the prevention, rescuing, and restoration of trafficked children. The money that they raised from the run went towards the building of a new safe house for trafficked youth. They had a woman who had been trafficked when she was younger come and tell her story. It was very powerful. What a fabulous organization!

My running was…well, it was my running and it was not fabulous. I am nothing if not consistent. I may have run 13 minute miles which would be a personal best. Here’s a list of the people who passed me:

– an arthritic old man

-a 5-year-old

– a woman with a jogging stroller (although I’m fairly certain that she cheated)

I would like to blame it on my Zune (Microsoft’s version of an ipod which they stopped making a few years ago). It’s getting very crotchety in its’ old age and so things disappear for no reason. Like, for example, the “Work It Out” playlist that I had on there. Granted, that playlist only had a Rihanna song, a Justin Bieber song, Party Rock Anthem 3 times, and another song that wasn’t produced correctly so it is so quiet you can’t hear it. Not a very good playlist but it’s better than me having to shuffle through FrouFrou and John Mayer to find a song that won’t make me go slower than I already naturally go.

I’m going to take this opportunity to build a better playlist. If you have any suggestions, please air them publicly.

T-minus 2 weeks

What do you think?

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