DIY: Liquid Dish Soap

Let me be clear. The first time I made this, it turned into a solid in the bottle and so you would have to squeeze it for about 3 minutes and then it exploded like a cannon out of the bottle and splashed every surface, including your face, within a five mile radius. My kitchen … Continue reading


Kale: Vegetable to the Stars

My friend Rebekah was the one who really got me thinking about eating healthy food. She’s done a fabulous job at finding recipes that are delicious and nutritious and she graciously made me veggie burgers and healthy waffles while I exercised my taste buds on things I had never eaten before. One of the things … Continue reading


It’s Spring Rolls

This is the first of my vegetarian recipe posts. I refused to give up food that tastes good so we’ve found some pretty delicious recipes. This is one of them. Some of you are probably thinking, “Duh. I’ve made spring rolls every week since I was a kid” but I just started eating vegetables, so give … Continue reading


A Veggie Tale

I did not grow up an adventurous eater. In fact, the only green thing I would eat was green beans from a can. My parents tried to get me to eat peas, but a mother can only handle so much sighing at the dinner table so she finally gave up.  In daycare, I would lick the … Continue reading