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trauma-informed care

Originally posted on graceriot:
What should I expect from my white friends when I’m broken up about racism? I mulled over this with a white woman from my church as we sat on a bus stop bench in Washington Heights, smells of the Cubano sandwich clasped in my hands curling into the cold air around…

Life with Jesus

It Should Matter to Me

Sometimes, when I am in a crowd, I try and imagine the complex lives of everyone around me. I try and remember that these people are not one-dimensional extras in my life. I try to acknowledge the complexity that everyone around me lives with. You see that woman right there? The one sweeping the floors. Her English is not very … Continue reading

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Why So Serious?

Alex and I got the opportunity to go to a fancy restaurant on Saturday evening. We’ve been watching entirely too much Food Network and I felt a hankering to eat somewhere other than, say, B.J.’s Pizza. We went down to Fearings Restaurant, which happens to be inside the Ritz Carlton. Don’t worry, we weren’t pretentious … Continue reading