Ski Funny

I’ve only been skiing once. It was a family trip with my youth group and we went to Copper Mountain, Colorado. And I haven’t been skiing since. Now, you should already know that I am not a natural athlete (if you have any doubts, please check here and here.) But skiing is basically controlled falling … Continue reading



We just returned from a trip to Nashville where we visited my sister Leah, AKA the Leggy, Bronze Goddess, and her husband Tyler, the Abercrombie model. I’ve always been the more Quasimodo-esque sibling and this time was no different. In case you think I’m joking, please compare these two pictures from this weekend: One looks … Continue reading


D. C: The END

Day 5 This day was a whirlwind of activity and I’m, quite frankly, running out of steam (and so are you, probably)  so I’m just going to break it down into a bullet list: Library of Congress tour- Wow! I’m so glad that we did this. The Library of Congress is a BEAUTIFUL building.  It’s … Continue reading


D.C. Day 4

Day 4 We woke up bright and early to go on our tour of the Capitol. We had to meet at our U.S. Congressperson’s office. Pete Sessions office looked like the Texas Flag threw up- seriously Texas themed everything. We took a very patriotic picture in his office.  Then someone walked us down to the … Continue reading