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Dear Daughter: This is the house

Dear Daughter,

Your pops and I spent a few hours purchasing a house this morning.

Shortly after we had to redo most of the paperwork because I signed it wrong.

It’s big (not too big!) and beautiful (also, not too beautiful- it’ll get there!). It’s just down the street from your elementary school (which is attached to a park WITH TENNIS COURTS, btw) and across the street from a community pool.  We peeked over the fence and saw that the neighbor’s have a trampoline so that either means kids or really fun, middle-aged people. Either way- WIN!

Let me give you a tour:

This is the front porch where you will wait anxiously for your first date (while dad and I peek from the windows).

This is the dining room where we’ll sit around the table and play “High/low” and talk about our day.

This is the bar in the kitchen where you will do your homework while we cook dinner.

This is the counter top where you and I can cook together (if you want to).

This is the fireplace where we’ll tell stories and warm our feet when our backs get too hot.

This is the living room where we’ll have after-dinner dance parties.

This is the bathroom where I’ll dry your tears and bandage your knees when you fall down.

This is the bedroom where we’ll read to you while we snuggle down in bed.

This is the master bedroom where we can all lay on mom and dad’s bed and cry after a hard day.

This is the garage where we’ll keep the bicycles for family bike trips.

This is the patio where we’ll sit in the mornings before school and get ready for the day.

This is the backyard where we’ll have mashed potato fights and grow our garden.

This is the house that we bought for you.

I can’t wait to fill it with memories.

Love, mom

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