Life with Jesus

Feliz cumpleanos, mamacita.

My mom is the kind of lady who:

– you can call at 7:00 in the morning when you’re having a panic attack about your new duplex’s air conditioning and she knows how to calm you down

– Has so much patience that she can withstand the force of junior high Leah working on math homework (it was like a battle EVERY NIGHT) and/or birth control Beth

– is the level headed and calming force in our family

– like James Bond, will purposefully topple her bike so that she can slide on a bicycle under a closing garage door…only narrowly avoiding death. What an action packed vacation that was.

– taught me how to listen

– gives and gives and sometimes has a hard time taking because she’s so humble.

– suprprises you when you least expect it- like making an eel face at the dinner table or arm dancing in the car.

I seriously have the best mom ever. Don’t worry, I’ll share her.

Here’s to you, mamacita.


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