Life with Jesus

Rebekah W. and I had a goal. It was to be able to wear a sports bra as a shirt (if we wanted to). I’ve decided that is probably going to be beyond my reach…forever. I don’t eat healthy enough. Oh well.

Today a man that has a skin disease brought clothes to the cleaner’s. I got to check them in and breathe the delightful skin particles that came off them.

Excuse me, I have to vomit now.

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  1. Sadly, I also had that goal. And sadly, I also have never accomplished it. I’m not serious…or am I? No. No, I’m not.

    And no, I did not get it on video. Perhaps next time.

  2. I should have tipped you earlier. A good rule to remember is to “form a barrier.” That’s what they teach us in first aid. You ought to wear gloves during work. And a mask. And a Haz-Mat suit.

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