Life with Jesus

When did we decide that God likes monotany? Look at the abundance of animal life. You can’t get much different than a minnow is from a llama. Why do we feel like all Christians have to be cookie cutters of each other? Newsflash: We don’t. God made us different, gave us different circumstances, why would we all believe exactly the same? Surely there are things that are basic to our faith (like, say, the Bible?!?) but heck, when it comes to things like predestination and baptism, we spend all of our time arguing about them instead of doing more important things, like loving people. Phew, it’s a hard thing to learn. But I’m working on it. God made us differently, thus we are different. If we could get this into our thickheads, people wouldn’t see Christianity as a set of rules designed to make you like everyone else, but a freedom found in Christ.

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  1. in terms of animal life, when did we decide on monogamy? animals don’t marry, with the exception of 101 Dalmations. they plant their seed everywhere they can. talk about overpopulation though. sheesh!
    i’m totally monogamous, except single…but i would be.

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