Life with Jesus

I am rapidly becoming the most awkward person I know.

Case in point #1: This week at work, I’ve started answering the phones more often. I really hate talking on the phone and when people call and ask questions I don’t know the answer anyway so I honestly don’t know why I bother. That point aside, Thursday I answered it and I was trying to say two A words in a row and it turned into one 30 second stutter. My coworker, Nora, finally said, “Spit it out.” I think I just used different words. That was awkward.

Case in point #2: I spoke yesterday at church about Syria and the Aalawi women. The first service went great. I really enjoy public speaking once I get past my initial nerves. I had to wait around so I could give the same spiel in the second service. Well, in the second service I had to use a free mike and the pastor was standing on the bottom stair and I needed to get to the top stair. I accomplished this by almost falling off the stage and having to use Brother Tim as a crutch. How do you start a speech off lik that? Answer: You don’t. I forgot to say alot of things although I still got my point across. Almost falling off the stage in front of 300 people: real Awkward.

Case in point #3: There is a customer who comes to the cleaner’s with the last name of Tinkle. I’m being honest. I smiled (almost laughed) when he came to turn in his clothes. And then when I couldn’t find the ticket to get the clothes that were done, I had to ask for help and say his name to my coworker. I think I laughed outloud. I can’t help it. I was crazy and that’s just an awkward name. I hope he comes back. He was very nice.

The cool thing about my new found awkwardness is that I don’t care. Those are potentially embarassing situations but I wasn’t embarassed by them. I think I am learning to find my identity in Christ and just know that awkwardness is part of me. I kind of like it because it keeps things interesting. That’s how He do. He’s probably the most interesting person I know, thus, why not get my interesting stories and whatnot from Him. It all leads me to wonder whether Christ was ever awkward or not. Maybe.

PS- Josh and I went to play basketball at his apartment last night. We ended up playing HORSEQRISBGKEHGK with 8 kids (only 1 was good). It was so fun. Just a friendly reminder of why the ghetto seems like the place to live.

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  1. i’m awkward as well dear, and I love it.
    I tutored at the g.v. daniels rec center last semester, and it was definitely the ghetto….but hanging around those kids was simply amazing. I think more people shoudl try it

  2. Speaking of awkward…I ran into my seventh grade english teacher, Mr. Kirk, yesterday. I said, “Hey, Mr. Kirk.” Then he came over and shook my hand, and started to pat my shoulder, so I patted his, but then he kind of went for a semi-half-hug-with-a-hand-shake-in-between, but he bailed. He aborted, and decided that dancing in a circle around me was a better course of action. I ended up somehow rubbing his belly. Awkward? Yes.

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