Life with Jesus

I’ve been reading some old blogs. I used to be witty and spiritual. Now, I struggle just to be witty.

Dear Children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in Truth. 1 John 3:18- memorized today during History while not  taking notes.

Remembe when it was cool to say “You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?” I do. God said that to me today. He makes it cool. I always assumed it meant things like “You shouldn’t drink, because I won’t.” or “You shouldn’t pick your nose, and I can say that because  I don’t pick my nose either.”

Well, I felt convicted today while Dr. Resch was talking about male anatomy and turkey sandwiches or something. It is so easy to say that you love someone but it gets alot harder when God says “Prove it.”

I realized that I pick and choose whom I actively love. I realized that I say I love God but not enough to step out of my comfort box when He tells me to. I get so caught up in the Words of love that I forget to act upon them sometimes.

Real Love is unconditional. Real Love doesn’t discriminate. Real Love’s not a hata.

Real Love rocks my face off.

I learned in yoga that one response to rape is submission. Although I don’t really understand this option at all, I like the word submission.

I went to Piine Cove this weekend on a junior high retreat. I decided this weekend to fully submit to the Holy Spirit. I was crazy; I was dumb; I was on fire for the Lord. As a result, God blessed me with some fruit. One of the girls confided in me more than she even had before and allowed me to be able to feel what she feels, even though it’s scary for her. Another told me, through a joyful, tear stained face that she realized that God has been with her all along. He’s been working in her life, though she didn’t give hime the credit. comes from loving others like Christ loves them.

my dad works with a prison ministry. their motto is “listen, listen, love, love”

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  1. i agree with joe, i like your xanga lessons through learning.
    ps. i like your dad’s motto. its in my aim info now. thanks papa feem!

  2. Thanks for the Rossetti cheer…I think that the paper will near completion by the end of the day. It’s being a pain at the moment, but that will iron itself into smoothness eventually.There are some good thoughts on your page.

  3. Wow you’re funny. hahaha, I laughed for a whole minute about submission.. that was the funniest two sentences juxtaposed in my vision in several weeks.

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