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So last night on CSI, someone died. She was a mom who had abandoned her family and then come back. Catherine found out that the daughter was lactating (meaning: you could milk her); thus, she was pregnant. They thought there was some incest going on with the father. When they got her checked out, they found out she was a virgin. She had “i-think-i’m-pregnant-osis”, in layman’s terms that means she thinks she’s pregnant but she’s not. She was in love with her father so badly that she killed her mother and then convinced herself that she was pregnant.

I’ve never really understood meditation. I know it’s a spiritual discipline and everything but it still reminds me of Buddhist monks that sit on a snowy mountaintop.

Remember when I asked what my life would be like if the Lord really was my Shepherd? I do. I’m doing a study with my small group and the guy on the video (lame sometimes) says that thought leads to desire leads to action. If I think about what life would be like with God really leading me, then it seems like a pretty good deal. Desire. Since I desire it, I begin to act like it was true. Action.

So, comparatively, the girl wanted to be pregnant so bad that her body responded as if she was. I want to please God so much that my body/spirit will respond as if I was constantly pleasing God.

This is meditation. Thought. Desire. Action.

(PS- I’m all for the desiring God as Lord of your life. I’m in no way, shape, or form advocating for anyone to wish they were pregnant. Especially the boys. You’d all creep me out)

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  1. I meant to comment earlier but I got distracted. This blog made me think of it as another example to your point. Right now we’re reading Don Quijote in Spanish. This dude would read everything he could about knights and their adventures and he began to desire to be a knight himself. He wanted it so much that he looked for a horse and armor and everything so that he could be one. When he had all of that he really believed that he was a knight. So the thought entered his head through his reading, that turned to desire, and he acted as it was really true that he was a knight. Just thought I’d add that! ; ) I agree with you and I really need to keep that in mind…I can’t expect to grow closer to him if I’m not thinking about him. Thanks, Beth!

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