Life with Jesus

Today I kicked the Denominations monster in the face and went to help out with a Sunday School type class at St. Mary’s Catholic church upon the invitation of mi amiga, Alex. It was actually a crash course in Catholicism because some of the kids are getting ready for their primera Comunion (first communion) in two weeks. So we sung songs about Mass and then we split into smaller classes and had trivia type games. I was actually put onto a team but my only contribution (because I know nada about the Catholic Church) was the name of our team- Los monos de Mexico que se llaman King Kong. In layman’s terms, the Monkeys of Mexico that are called King Kong (I can’t take all the credit, just the monkeys part.) Anywho, we lost because our spokesperson kept break dancing instead of listening to the question. Oh well. I won’t miss the Kit Kat. It was fun. I miss speaking Spanish to little kids. Maybe someday…

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