Life with Jesus

Josh has to do this Art History project where he advertises places you could go if you could time travel. I helped him with slogans:

Roam Rome

Get Greece-y!

Those are the best. Believe me. It’s too late for me to be thinking.

 (Today my coworkers- two college aged boys- talked about a certain part of a female’s anatomy in front of me. I know they were testing me but I didn’t know what to say. I should have fainted into the clothes basket or flown into a rage and thrown all the clothes off the mechanical racks- which = death at a laundry mat. Hehe that would have got ’em……I mean, me fired.)

3 thoughts on “

  1. you would have had to be pretty rageful to throw all those clothes off the racks. i mean, ive seen the inside of dry cleaners before. thats A LOT of clothes.

  2. Certain part of a females anatomy…in front of you. Haha. Some how, I found a dual meaning in that sentence. I don’t think meant it, but well played. Good job keeping your cool.

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