Life with Jesus

So Dee is forcing me to tell you five interesting things about myself, which I was going to do anyway. Here goes:

– Here are some things that I despise: limp ponytails and thick flipflops

– I don’t sleep with a top sheet. Just the bottom one and my down comforter. Oh yeah, and ear plugs

– I eat rice, specifically cheesy rice, every ding dong day.

– Sometimes people with long bony fingers that use their hands to talk annoy me. Much of the time, I find that I can’t listen to them because I’m distracted by their hand gesticulations.

– I have bad luck with umbrellas. No, not because I opened them inside. I just never get ones that are strong enough to stand a light shower. Last year, I stomped on one of my umbrellas in the parking lot after it popped inside out when someone blew on it. I also say UMbrella. Not umBRELLa, like most people.

Okay, now I list five more people who are supposed to tell five things about themselves: Leah, Amelia, Joe, Brooke, and Derek Nease. GO.

In other news, I would like to add two more things that people have said to me that have generally made me laugh:

1) Joe and I had this conversation on the bus yesterday (Mind you, Joe was working on -84 hours of sleep):

Beth: Joe, you have to pull the string to stop the bus at our stop because you have longer arms.

Joe: Should I pull it now?

Beth: No. Because if you pull it now, it will stop at the stop before our stop and no one will need to get off and then we will have an extra stop that we don’t even need.

Joe: HOLY CRAP!!!! That could be bad (or something like that- I was taken aback by his first statement)

If it doesn’t sound funny, it’s because you weren’t there.

2) While driving Rebekah and Joe back to the apt from Taco C last night, I stopped at a stop sign and Rebekah said,

“Whoa, ma” like a cowboy.

She promises that she said “Whoa, mama” but no one believes her.

5 thoughts on “

  1. HAHA, you said gesticulations. Hey, remember that time we were on the bus, and you told me to pull the…oh wait, you already mentioned that. So am I supposed to write some quasi-interesting stuff about myself?

  2. i don’t sleep with a top sheet either, just the bottom and a comforter..we are the same person. 

  3. i hate limp ponytails as well AND my mom is 100% for earplugs. weird. also, joe and i are actually siblings. we didn’t know until just this year. my mother apparently birthed us both…or maybe it was his mom. there is a little red in my hair and look at his little sister aka my little sister.

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