Life with Jesus

Here’s the saga of my MP3 player.

Okay, I decided yesterday that i was going to buy one. So Joe and I ate lunch then I called Christopher, the reigning expert on anything you have to recharge, but he was in the new Star Wars movie. So Joe and I cleaned out the hermit crab tank while waiting. Then Chris called and we went and picked him up at his house. He showed me his dad’s $300 one that pretty much can rule the world with a touch of a button. I told him that I didn’t need a place to hold my pictures or predict the weather for me. So we go to Circuit City. Chris shows us the $800 TV that he wants to buy for their apartment next year. Note that Chris goes for the most expensive of everything. So we go back to the MP3 players and nothing I want for less than $215. Not good. I drag them out of the store and we head over to Best Buy (I thought we could see Aubs). We walk in and they make a beeline for the TVs and the speakers. I pry them away long enough to find the portable music players. YESsss. The perfect one. A sleek looking Rio Carbon. Only $180. I get it, much to Christopher’s dismay at not choosing the most expensive one. I also pick up an FM wireless transmitter, which pretty much means that I just plug this thing into my player and then it broadcasts to a radio station in my car. Yeah. It’s that cool. I made Joe squeal. So I get it home and get a hernia trying to open the stupid box. Once I’m 98 years old and life has already passed me by because dynamite couldn’t destroy the stupid box, I turn it on and the first thing I do is set the language in Pakistani or something. I thought, “okay, maybe it won’t matter…WRONG!” So I frantically read the sparse instructions for a hint but nothing’s there. SO I went online and found the answer. Luckily the instructions were like, push button one four times, hit the down button. It’s fixed now. And it’s beautiful. My new favorite toy. YAY

Sometimes it feels like God is speaking a different language…say Pakistani? But we have to realize that He’s not. We just have to tune in and listen to what he has to say. We have to ability to listen to God. Never think that God is not with you or listening to you. You may have just put your player in Pakistani accidentally. It’s easily fixable. Prayer should do the trick.

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  1. my ipod makes me the happiest little girl in the whole wide world. your mp3-er will take you places you never thought youd go. sigh, im glad we get to share this moment.

  2. me no get one booooo! right. i’m excited about college. i’m just going to miss some people and the place a lot. all will be well though. college will be uber fun. woot!

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