Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter: The Race

Hi little one,

Whew. This week has been rough, emotionally. The afterglow of the adoption announcement has worn off and now reality has set in (more like reality came and sucker-punched me in the kidney). The reality is that we’ve been at this for six months and we still don’t have a timeline. It could be years. I’ve read about the adoption ache and I guess this is the first week where it has really set in. There’s a piece of my heart that feels like it’s missing. I was thinking/praying about it this week and I’ve come to a conclusion. It is absolutely no fun to feel this way and I would much rather just have you with me, but God gave us our feelings and longing is one of them. I have to believe that my longing and sadness for you will prompt me to pray more passionately and fight more fiercely for you. I’m trying to use it as a motivator.

Anyway, we’re running 13.1 miles for you this morning. As of right now, our total fundraising from the race stands at about $1800, but I think the true treasure lies in the fact that so many family and friends now know about you. They’re anxious to hear about the race; they’re anxious to hear about you.

I can’t help but compare this race to the adoption adventure that we’ve undertaken. Your life path has been full of potholes and uneven sidewalks. It’s been scary, traumatic, lonely.

Honey, God has shown me where your path is and He’s said, “Go. Run. Get her.” So, we’re sprinting as fast as we can towards you. Someday, our paths will cross and we’ll be there to pick you up and carry you, to help you heal from the pain of where you’ve walked before.

That’s why I’m running (and most definitely crying) today. I’m running for you.

All my love,


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