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Last, year, around my birthday, I picked up one of these:

It’s a “One Line a Day” journal. You write one line a day everyday for five years so you can see how you’ve changed or what you were doing specifically. (Also, last year, I wrote this blog.)I usually write in it at night so if you get a late night text from me about something we did last year, it’s because I’m reminiscing before bed- not because I’ve been drinking.

In Deuteronomy, the Lord commands the Israelites to remember that He brought them out of Egypt, to remember the manna that he provided for them while they were wandering, to remember His promises.

This little journal is right up my alley because I have a horrible memory but I also love to be nostalgic. It’s a chance for me to remember beautiful and hard things. It’s  chance for me to remember where I came from. In the future, it will record both my pre-daughter and post-daughter life. 

Don’t worry, God. I’m remembering.


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