Life with Jesus

Today is My B-day

Yep. That’s right. I turned the big…..Wait a minute. I’m not going to put my age on the internet (collective sigh from the identity thieves who are following my blog- searching for clues to cheat me out of my pocket change).  Let’s just say that if you rounded my age to the nearest ten, it would be 30. Which means that if you had to round my age to 0 or 50, it would be 50. WOW.

The song that has been playing in my head all day is this one. It’s a classic and I need you to listen to it at least one time…because it’s my birthday and you have to do what I want. In the spirit of this song, I will tell you things that I have done on my birthday:

1. It’s my birthday, I can eat cheese nachos for every meal if I want to.

2. It’s my birthday. I can leave all the cabinet doors open, if I want to.

3. It’s my birthday. I can leave the dishes for Alex if I want to (just this once!)

4. It’s my birthday. I can spend FIVE HOURS making 40 greeting cards if I want to.

5. It’s my birthday. I can play tennis with fun friends if I want to.

6. It’s my birthday. I can get sweet cards from friends and family, if I want to.

7. It’s my birthday. I can have Alex take me on a secret birthday trip to an unknown location if I want to.  (YAY! We’re leaving tomorrow and I don’t know where we’re going!)

It’s been a great birthday so far. I always feel so loved. You people make it happen!

While you’re at it, send these two fine gentlemen some birthday wishes.

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