Adoption / Half-Marathon

Run Like You Mean It

Alright. Alex and I are committed- to one another, to this adoption, and…to running a half-marathon at the end of October to raise money for aforementioned adoption.

Wowee. If you knew my long, tawdry history with running, you would be surprised that I would commit to running anything anywhere.  To be honest, some times I feel too lazy to run the garbage disposal or run my fingers through Alex’s hair, but we’re doing this. We’re going to run this half-marathon.  As long as I have two legs that will propel me foward, I will kick this pig.

Wanna join us?

No, really. We’ll accept everyone, not limited to:

-The real deal runners that could run barefoot up a mountain, in the snow, pulling a baby elephant in a little red wagon

– The wannabe runners that think about running but sit on the couch and eat Chex Mix instead (Alex and I would fall into this category)

-The “I hate running but I’ll do it for a good cause” runners (who are welcome to complain to me the whole way)

-The “I loving walking 13.1 miles in October” walkers

-The “I hate running and I might have to crawl across the finish line on my bloody stumps but, by golly, I’ll finish” runners

If this sounds interesting, here are the deets (with linkages for more info):

Chosen Marathon (or Half-Marathon or Kids Fun Run)

Saturday, October 27th, 2012 at 7:00am

New Braunfels, TX


Half-  (Before June 30) $75, (after June 30) $85

Full- (Before June 30) $85, (after June 30) $95

Kids Fun Run (1/3 mile)- $15

A few items to keep in mind when you register,

1. Make sure you join TEAM WISE. All of your registration funds (and any funds that our team raises) come straight to our adoption fund so that we can bring our girl home!

2. The packet pick-up is kind of strange so if you like, choose the “Austin” option and I can get it for you when we go to get ours.

3. We’re still figuring out a place to stay the night before, but you would be welcome to crash with us, even if it’s in our two-person tent.

If you have any questions or you want to join a pre/post half/full marathon something or other, please email me (see the Contact Me tab at the top of this page?). We would love to have you join us!


Completely understandable. Only insane people run longer distances than from their car to the door when they’re wearing flip flops in the winter. We ask that you would prayerfully consider giving a donation that will come to the Team Wise bucket.

You can donate here. Make sure you give a shout out to Team Wise in the “special instructions” when you pay.

We are so so thankful to have all of you and we really appreciate the love and support you’ve already given us.

Now, I just ask that you don’t laugh at me when I break down into tears after running longer than any human should ever run.

What do you think?

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