You already know how this goes…

Um, so…er…the vow of silence didn’t go so hot. I know you’re surprised. I could give you a few excuses, like the fact that all I do at my job is answer questions from students, volunteers, and other staff members or that everyone else is stupid.

While the vow wasn’t a whopping success, it did give me a moment to pause and recognize where and when I really struggle- particularly in the car (inanimate objects) and at work (for acceptance). I did find myself not saying things that I wanted to at work, I just wasn’t able to stop every instance.  And inanimate objects…well, I’m just going to have to focus on people first.

If I undertake a project like this again, I will need to do some more memory verses and also, at least start it on a Sunday so that I can get a head start on focusing on the vow.

Life’s not easy being silent.

What do you think?

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