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Pride Cometh in The Fall


I don’t have alot of embarassing moments-mostly because, in yet another trait I get from my fahter,  I’m not usually self-aware enough to be embarassed when I should.  For example, I should have been embarassed when I wore a white shirt and khaki pants every day for at least six weeks in middle school, but I didn’t think it was weird at all.  I was slightly embarassed when I accidentally snot bubbled while talking to that one girl who was a model (literally- she was in the JC Penny catalog).

One of my best, most embarassing moments took place on a brisk, fall day in College Station during my freshman year in college. I don’t normally take pride in my clothes, but this particular day, I was sporting a cardigan, cool jeans, and a really cool, long scarf wrapped around my neck in a very trendy, hipster way.

I was trekking across campus, probably on the way to Spanish, enjoying the weather and feeling like a really classy college student. I was really digging the changing leaves and the cool breeze on my face when all of a sudden….a balled up sock suddenly appeared in the crotch of my jeans. I mean, it felt like I had accidentally left a sock in my jeans and it chose this, the coolest of all my college moments, to suddenly appear between my legs inside my jeans.

No worries, I thought. Maybe it’s a fluke. I’ll just keep walking and it will go away.

Guess what. It didn’t go away. It got bigger and bigger. I thought it might be slightly embarassing to stop walking and stare at my own crotch or try to clear the thing until I could get to the privacy of a bathroom so I just kept on walking.

Finally, it had to stop. If I kept on going, I was going to roll into my Spanish class on a gianormous sock ball that had lodged itself in my jeans, like an acid trip James and the Giant Peach . So I stopped and looked down.

Let’s imagine for a second that you are one of the normal A&M students who is just walking innocently to class. All of a sudden, the crowd parts and you see this:


A dramatic reenactment with the original scarf


Horrifying, right? For you AND  me.

Now, if I had corrected this little problem when it began, it wouldn’t have been embarassing. But I didn’t. Nope, not me.

Instead, I walked a quarter mile across campus, between classes, with thousands of other cool A&M students, with a scarf wedged between my legs like some weird winter bathing suit that I like to wear over my clothes.

Then, I kind of blacked out from the embarassment and  ran to class with a bag over my head.

To be honest, I’m kind of surprised it didn’t make the school newspaper- “Freshman Girl Traverses Campus with Scarf Wedged Between Legs and Instantly Loses All Hope of Finding Boyfriend”. I guess I should be happy that it didn’t happen in the age of Twitter or I would have ended up on one of those Wal-Mart people websites in ten seconds flat.

At this point, I could launch into a lengthy discussion of how God always takes me down a notch when my head gets too big….because He does. I mean, you know that old saying “Pride cometh before that scarf gets wedged between your legs and you walk across campus in front of a million people like a freak.” (Okay, maybe most people are quoting Proverbs 16:18-  “Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty (prideful) spirit before stumbling.”)

God is good at helping me remember who I really am (a little peon)and reminding me who I am not (Queen of the Universe). Sometimes the humbling process is painful and sometimes it is humorous. Either way, the end result is the same- remembering that God is God and I am not.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Pride Cometh in The Fall

  1. The placement of the reenactment was perfect. I don’t remember this story for some reason. How did that scarf get lodged in such an awkward place????? Inquiring minds want to know.

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