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I had a new life experience last night. I sung “This Kiss” by Faith Hill with my sister in front of a crowd of about 12 juior high kids and drunken college students and  a few people that know me.  It was mildly mortifying.  The worse part was getting up the nerve to do it but once we got up there, the lights blinded us and we couldn’t see the crowd. Oh, we also had video of speed boats and aboriginal tribal dances playing behind the words to distract us.  Apparently, it’s been a few years since I’ve heard this horrifyingly annoying song so at one point, both Leah and I lost the words and then I started giggling and couldn’t regain my compusure until the very end of the song.  All in all, I’m pleased with the experience.  Here are some pictures to prove that I did it:

Why do we go out to Screams at the Scarborough Renaissance Fair grounds? Oh, maybe because my neighbors (who play King Henry and the Arch Duchess Sabine von Wuerttemberg) also play Vlad the Vampire and the Black Widow. They’re pretty famous….

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