Staff Meeting

Notes from my notebook (seriously):

Summer supplies. the Green Spot. Green Spot. She is up for it. Basically email Jason Land. Triathalon. Angelina. Martha. Play friday. Friday. Friday. Friday. Older kids. We would be happy. Flashed. I don’t everyone. everyone. Anybody could do it. Flashed.

Board meeting Sept 20th. Worth it. 1st of August. We tell these people about Pre-GED. Marinie because she is already doing a ton. Marnie loves details. She comes to talk to me about me. Some of these teams. We have a development Kelly K____. Lisa _____. HR Team- Operations. Working on HR. Deborah L______. Board Development- Dave J_____. Team or a committee. Sigh no more. 9:30 tours. Maybe he got scared off. July or August. Not then. He said how much we know. VMLC is not funding this. I said could you do this as a job. Price. Metro PCS people have been slow. Summer school is over. Cross that bridge when we get to it. The lady that we met with. I think her name is Lisa. I am hoping. This new girl will be responsive. It has to be when our students aren’t here. I don’t have it on my calendar. Shared. I remember getting the request. Birgit. 14th & 15th & 18th. I’ve got it on mine. Started in July.

Money Smarts. Morning and afternoon. People quite alot. Stephanie. Did they pic up the A/C. David. Lyda. Filters. Infant and tired. Twice on top of it. Copy Net. During Summer school. Alot for another. Three levels in not when. We’ll call you at your desk. Find trouble. Topic. Acquired knowledge. If people don’t getting more people. Took us a long time to get the teachers on board. Weekly. Ann. Alot of time. Lotsa work. Sunnyland. Sunnyland. Sunnyland. Tech Soup.

New insurance. Loss runs on insurance. Responsive, stinky booger. I don’t have anything. Training for teachers. AED defibrilator cabinet. James and his dad. That room hall and thin people see it.

{Obviously, I’m an excellent notetaker. I write down every other word or every other sentence, depending on my  mood. This, in my opinion, makes for a hilarious and bizarre souvenir from our staff meetings.}

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