The Duplex

Eat my shorts, Duplex!

Oh goodness, what a journey this little adventure has been. We’ve been in the duplex since the beginning of June and it took two months to get it looking how it does now (awesome).  I had to wait to post pictures so that my sister would be surprised (which she was) when she got home from Thailand. So here goes:

Oh hello, curtain rod made out of popsicle sticks.

Oh hello, cute love seat with an orange rug that I have to vaccuum everyday cause Gracie finds the invisible hay bale in our yard and rolls in it.


Oh hello, cute livingroom. I love looking at you.


Oh hello, old bookshelves that took 8 hours, a little bit of elbow grease, and only a few hissy fits.


Hey livingroom! You've got great acoustics. It's because of those shoe-polished floors.


OH HELLO, HOMEMADE CURTAINS. I have to tell you that no, you are not from Ikea.


Oh hello, dining room. I could just eat you up. Or just eat in you.



Hey guest bedroom, take care of my people.
The weird thing is that I don’t feel like this duplex is really ours- with two meanings of the word:
1) It’s not ours because we don’t own it. In fact, if you suggested that I buy it, I would laugh loudly in your face.
2) It’s not ours because nothing is really “ours”. God has been SO good to us and we are thankful to borrow this  space to host and entertain and love.
The A/C is still kind of dicey, but once it cools down, you better watch out cause it’s gonna be crazy up in hur. 

What do you think?

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