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Pride Cometh Before the Embarassment: Part 2

Okay, here’s another story for you that I didn’t have time to type last night. It’s probably my MOST embarassing moment.

The setting: Freshman year at A&M. Fall. Leaves changing color. Cold enough for a sweater….and a scarf.

I was on  my way to an afternoon class. I felt like “dressing up” so I put on some cute clothes, complete with a cardigan and a long gray scarf wrapped around my neck with both ends hanging down in the front. Then, I started off across campus. I was so enjoying the crisp, fall air and the beautiful leaves. I was reveling in a “This is college” moment. Then, I started to notice something was amiss. It felt as if there was a sock or something in the crotch of my jeans. Not wanting to stop in the middle of everyone and examine physically what was going on, I kept going for three or four minutes. And the sock grew. It got more and more uncomfortable (and weird) until I had to stop and look at the problem.

The long ends of my scarf had tangled, and wedged themselves between my legs. So, for a mental picture, I was wearing a scarf that was a triangle that ended in a point in a humiliating spot. I have drawn you a diagram of the path of said scarf below. (Please note, the below picture is quite possibly the frumpiest picture I have ever taken. I realized that i have almost no full standing pictures posted on facebook. I’m always crouched over or jumping. Those of you who haven’t seen me in a few years must think that I have scoliosis or am trying to imitate gargoyles or carry around a mini trampoline with me. This is not the case.)



I had paraded around in front of the Academic Building between classes as the “Freshman who walks with scarf between her legs.”  That would be my Native-American name, I guess.

Of course, I was embarassed, but I was quickly able to laugh it off and now it’s become one of my best stories.


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