Life with Jesus

An aside…

Alex and I went camping this weekend with some friends. We got there kind of late on Friday and set up camp. Then, Alex and Benjamin wanted to go fishing so we drove up to the dock. Alaina and I just sat and chatted. I told her about a crazy friend that I had in college (whom I love) that locked her keys in the car…in the ignition…with the car on. I ended the story with a sarcastic (kinda), “At least I never do things like that.” Well, it turns out that I do.

The ladies got hungry so, after I borrowed Alex’s keys, we went up to the car to get some indiscriminately flavored pop tarts. As soon as we got back to the dock, Alex asked me where his keys were and I knew immediately. No, they were not in my pocket or in the car door. They were safe and sound inside the locked car right between the cooler and the door (only feet away from my keys and both our cellphones). Fortunately, Ben had his cell phone and a AAA card. It took four hours but we finally got the car open.

Anyway, that’ll show me….

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