Life with Jesus

In my continuing narrative of the homeless, tonight me and my amigo nuevo, little Tim, took lasagna, french bread, and ice cream over to the guy’s house for dinner. We shot the breeze a little bit, ate some food, talked about how long it had been since they’d had ice cream.

Big Tim, who owns the house and lives with the guys (he’s slightly mentally ill), was telling me about his past- his father, A&M, growing up in Bryan. Then he whips out a picture of this woman and shows it to me with tears in his eyes. I asked him who it was and he told me it was his daughter who lives in Austin. He only gets to see her twice a year. He started to cry and said, “I miss her…” We all just sat for a minute and then…we prayed. Oh what a blessing to get to spiritually minister to these men.

Then we played a round of dominoes and I beat the pants off of all of them despite the fact that they tried to gang up against the girl. It was fun. Johnny B. was crazy tonight. Funny crazy.

I learned that Kenny is a dancer and today is his birthday. I think I’m going to try and find him some tap shoes when I go home this weekend. If anyone has an extra pair, let me know. He’s going to teach me some moves cause he was a choreographer in California. AWESOME!

I write this tonight because I am excited. This is probably one of the first service things I’ve done where I’m not tempted to take to credit. Everything, right down to the people these guys have put me in contact with, has been orchestrated and is being told by a StoryTeller much greater than me. I’m blessed that God is using me in this manner and I hope and pray that He will use you (plural) in the way that He needs you too. Anytime anyone wants to come to Bryan and stay with me and hang out with these guys, let me know. I’m all about that.

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