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Like I said, the response I’ve gotten to asking for money and stuff for these men has been awesome. We took another load over there yesterday that included a microwave! It was interesting cause they were excited about the food and stuff for about 5 minutes and then they wanted to play a game. I learned a long time ago that the best thing you can give the homeless is dignity. Sure, they were certainly appreciative and they couldn’t say enough “thanks yous” for what we brought. But I think the real mission is letting them know that they’re people worth being around. That at least five people in this world do not think that it’s stupid or worthless to spend time with them. Dignity, my friends. It was/is a very good lesson in “The healthy do not need a doctor, the sick do” -Jesus paraphrase.

PS- We did play a round of dominoes. Kenny and I beat the pants off of Johnny and Josh.But that’s probably only because Johnny picked up my phone in the middle of the game and had an imaginary conversation with a woman. He kept saying, “I have some popcorn. You wanna come over for some popcorn??” To which Tim replied, “I have popcorn too!”


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  1. i wish i had something to send you but my funds are low. anyway, im proud of you, what you do makes my heart smile.

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