Life with Jesus

Here are some interesting tidbits from today:

1) I went and talked to the church secretery about the wedding. You have to get your music approved by the music pastor. They might allow secular music at the reception. The church won’t allow any dancing whatsoever. Even just a father daughter dance. I was miffed. So miffed that I probably won’t get married there. At a church, I mean. I know that we have to respect the sanctity of marriage but I want to do it in a celebratory way, not a weepy, “Oh Mother, I amst leaving thou to cleave unto my husband” kind of way. The children’s director said we can have the reception at the Silk Stocking (the local gentlemen’s club). “They have dancing there.” I left.

                            David danced. What’s the big deal?

Moving on…

2) I’m working 8 hours tomorrow. It will be my first eight hour day since I tore up Senora Lewis’s garden and planted those dumb tulips around her dead cats. It will be a long day.

3) A lady at the drive thru told me a story today. She had taken her car (she has three) to get it cleaned and those mexicans (whisphered) locked her keys in her car. They asked her, “You carry extra key?” She said, “Hell no, I don’t.” Then they called a lock smith  to get it open. She had to do a 19 point turn to get into the drive thru correctly. She said she wanted to put a bag over her head. I didn’t know what to say so I said, “What’s the name?”

4) A co-worker told me her life story today. She cried. It’s nice to think that I might be making a difference.

5) Josh and I ate some ice cream. He made his into the ice cream soup like little kids do. He also used half a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Yum. I love him.

6) Rebekah Y. should read Blue Like Jazz. I forgot the author’s name but she can find it. Speaking of books, I’m hooked on Barbara Kingsolver at the moment. I read Bean Trees. It was excellent. She has a Vonnegut-esque writing style without the talk of genitalia.

I’m out of wit. Goodnight.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Donald Miller…for Rebekah. I ate dinner with her and made brownies with her yesterday. It was neat. She’s cool, but you know that. Too bad about the rules. Religion bites, but you know that too. Hope you’re having a super summer.

  2. The first time that I read this, I knew exactly whom you meant by David. However, I came back to read it again, and for the life of me, I don’t know why, but I kept seeing your father dancing. Then I read Catlin’s comment, and got this visualization of your father dancing in his underwear. I couldn’t shake that thought. Is that weird?

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