Life with Jesus

“I was so
hungry last night that when i finally got to eat I was
really happy and I savored every bite of food i ate.
Then i got to thinking about the homeless people we
fed and i felt like i understood them a little better.
and then i saw the analogy of physical hunger and
spiritual hunger. And now i have sort of a new passion
to get spiritually hungry people fed and rejoice with
them when they are. I know that so many people are
starving for Jesus and they dont even know it. even
some christians. and i want to see them fulfilled.
yes, i’m excited. a little….alot. “

My Josh wrote that. No one can tell me that God does not have someone waiting in the wings for them that is always rip roarin and ready to encourage and challenge them in their faith. You just have to desire it and sit back and wait.

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