Life with Jesus

Sometimes I wish that I was like the Greek god, Atlas, who could stop the whole world from spinning and hold it in his hands. Life is getting fast. Friends are getting married. I’ve already graduated from high school and been at college a year. I planning that this is my last summer at home…ever. I technically should graduate from college in two years. I’ll get married. I’ll have kids. I’ll go overseas to start the mission work. All in the next seven or eight years. I wish I could just slow it down or maybe even rewind a little but I think God is teaching me a lesson about life. People get married. People graduate. People die. People get divorced. People get sick. People get jobs. People get fired. People have kids. And during all these, time does not stop. The clock keeps ticking. Life goes on whether people want it to or not.

What do you think?

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