Life with Jesus

Well, I’ve decided to jump on the band wagon but only slightly, like I’ll rest my arm on the end of it.  I am going to give you a number of facts about myself. I am not going to constrict or force myself to complete a certain number.

1) In our food court in the dorms, we have a sandwich place that has a sneeze guard to protect our food from germs. Tonight this kid stuck his head over the sneeze guard to order his food. It bugged me. I don’t like other people breathing on my food. Germs make me freak out. I can picture them in different places. They’re purple boogers with teeth. It’s weird. I know. But you still love me.

2) I am a dancing maniac.  I like to watch people in motion. I like funny walks (right, K Sweat?). I like to do the Llama. I don’t dance “correctly” but I dance with spirit and that’s all we need, right? Rebekah Welch is my dance twin.

3) My favorite show is called Starting Over. It’s on TLC at 2 pm. It’s wicked awesome and I watch it every day. Ask anyone who knows me. It’s about women who are “rebuilding their lives”.  Right now my favorite is Towanda, she’s Tony Braxton’s sister.

4) I sleep with ear plugs.

5) I want to be a missionary somewhere but who knows where? God does. He just hasn’t showed me yet. I’m thinking that I want to work with the youths.

6) My favorite food in the whole world is cheesy rice. It’s a glorious concotion consisting of a special blend of Wal Mart brand boxed rice, chicken bullion, and good ole shredded American cheese.

7) I like to paint. But not for commercial purposes.

8)I also really enjoy putting dishes up and popping the bubbles in the packing sheets that come in packages and sticking my hand in a big bucket of little tiny glass beads.

9) I wear old lady clothes, carry old lady purses, and yeah, I’m dang proud of it.

10) I take pictures.

11) I do believe that getting an apartment next year is probably the most exciting news I’ve had all year. We’ve already designated the pantry as the “Chokey” (not the Pokey, as Rebekah W would like to say) and decided to actively pursue the friendship of Rob, the giant manager whose security guards are “Smith and Wesson”.

12) I’ve been to more Tattoo Parlors than you.

13) My driver’s license is apparently a hoot. I wore an eighties prom dress. and my signature looks like Bum Feemstev. Coincidentally, I’m pretty sure that my whole church will be calling me that soon.

14) My family is bizarre and I’m so happy. My sister and I like to hide from birds in our fireplace and hide a fake lemon in eachother’s room. It’s like a Lemon war.

15) I hate the feel of velvet. If you wear a velvet shirt, don’t touch me.

16) I’m scared that the church is raising a generation of believers who don’t understand what “rebuking” means.  I only really learned about it this year. Stay tuned for a whole nother blog on this one.

17) I have the best friends in the world.

Okay, I’m tired now. So I’ll finish this whole thing later. Love you all.

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  1. hey bum, i bought you a new velvet jumpsuit- you know, like all the cool grannies wear!
    p.s. cheesy rice is GROSS.

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