Life with Jesus

{second entry of the day}

I’m in the process of moving out of my dorm room and I thought I should say a few words in rememberance: [Note: most of these are probably sarcastic, but if it sounds like I would really miss it, then I probably will really miss it]

Oh dorm room, how I will miss your:

water pressure

avocado green closets

neighbors that like to leave their annoying cd alarm clocks on for 45 minutes

zebra print carpet

constant need for vacuuming

flourescent lighting

lights that go out at least once a week

doors that slam

beds that have pee pads on them

distance from anything remotely convenient for parking

complete lack of privacy

toilets that will suck you in if you stand too close

bathroom that has a stall

TV cable cord that is duct taped across the ceiling

fire drills at 0 o clock in the morning

cell phone signal blockage

ability to make me always want to take a nap on my peepad bed

doors that slam without fail

close proximity to the coolest suitemates ever

permittance of only eating things that we can cook in the microwave or in a hot pot illegally

constant flow of Starting Over, my very favorite show

convenience to classes; how I can leave 3.4566 minutes before and still make it on time

your air conditioner that Eliz likes to turn on 80 degrees

I salute you, dorm room. Godspeed.

What do you think?

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