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Twas the Night ‘fore the Home Study

Twas the night ‘fore the home study, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.

The bedrooms all ready and done up with care,

In hopes that you children soon will be there.

The floors have been vacuumed, the tile’s been mopped

And improvements to the house have been almost non-stop

The toys from our childhood line your shelves

We hope you’ll enjoy them like our 8-year-old selves.

We’ve painted both ceilings; we’ve painted all walls

We replaced the mini-blinds destroyed when the dog had withdrawals

The sockets are covered with white plastic caps

They’re so hard to remove that they might make me snap

All of our medicines are behind lock and key

In the fridge is hidden my kombucha tea

All the chemicals and paints are tucked away nicely

We’ve followed all million guidelines quite precisely

Someplace, you children are nestled snug in your beds,

While visions of family dance in your heads.

And mom in her mumu, and dad in his cap,

Are studying their notes, trying to sound less like crap

This has been a long process, that much is true

We had paperwork out our ears and hoops to jump through

We know we’re not finished; no, no not indeed

A long road still awaits, to this we concede

But someday we’ll meet and my eyes will hold yours

And in that very instant, my heart will change in its core

As we walk towards the future, your small hand in mine

I know I’ll be grateful that our lives are entwined



Home study at 10:00 am tomorrow. Prayers are appreciated!

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