I’m a part of several transracial adoption groups on facebook. They’ve been talking about this documentary called “Closure” for a while. I bought it about a week ago, but hadn’t watched it because I knew it would be emotional. Last night, as we hunkered down for the sleet and ice that was about to slam Dallas, we plugged our laptop into the TV and watched it.


It follows Angela Tucker , who was adopted as an infant, as she searches for her birth family. It is so poignant and beautiful. It so wonderfully showcases how hard and wonderful adoption can be. It gives adoptees and birthparents a voice that is so often lacking in the adoption world.

As an almost adoptive parent, I found it so beautiful to watch Angela and her (adoptive) mom throughout the film. I loved getting to see her adoptive and biological mom meet and be connected by this beautiful daughter that they share. I loved watching Angela interact with her biological family and finally know where she came from. It was hard seeing her birthmom Deborah being able to speak about how incredibly difficult it was for her to give up her baby.

Someday, I’ll have kids who want to know more about where they come from. I’ll get to be the supportive adoptive parent who travels with them as they seek out their roots.

The digital download for Closure is on sale this month. Just go here and use the discount code BIG30.

What do you think?

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