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6 Years: Into the Fog

Every year, Alex and I trade off doing a surprise trip for our anniversary. Last year, Alex took me to San Antonio; the year before that, I dragged him up to Oklahoma.

Would you like to know what we did today?

We bought $80 worth of socks and underwear at American Apparel and then we ate at a vegan buffet. We were home by 7:00pm.

Like a couple of senior citizens…

This past year of marriage has been our best and our worst. God finally gave us a little piece of the plan (staying in Dallas) and He gave us a picture of what He wants our family to look like.  So, lots of change this past year and hopefully a little more stability in the next.

My dad took this picture of Alex and I when we were standing on top of the Continental Divide in Colorado this summer.

IMG_0076It’s such  poignant picture of our marriage right now. We know that there are beautiful, breathtaking times ahead of us, but they’re currently lost in the fog.  We’re tired from the climb and we’re looking forward to the end of this journey but we’re taking things one step at a time.  Behind all that fog, we don’t know if there are several false summits or giant boulder fields or lovely meadows. We simply don’t know.

All I know is that we have each other and a God that loves us.

Here’s to our 6th year, bay-bay.

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