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Dear Daughter: I’ve Known for a Long Time

Dear daughter-

I got a package in the mail today from Nanny (my maternal grandmother). I never know if she’ll send me underwear after I blog that mine mysteriously went missing from the dryer at my shady apartment complex or if it’ll be a newspaper clip of some Irish dancing that reminds her of our enthusiastic attempts to River Dance in her garage. Today, it a drawing that I had done with rainbows and flowers and “World Peace”, a scribble drawing that’s so ridiculous it must have been my sister’s, and a thank you note that I wrote to her that I addressed to “Ann”. But the prize is a story that I wrote when I was 9. I was a prolific author when I was little but this one is exceptionally significant. Let me read it to you:

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Let’s note three things:

  1.  I will never make you have a mullet.
  2. The “parents” in that story look exactly like my parents, except my mom isn’t a sexy African and my dad doesn’t have a unibrow.
  3.  I will never make you eat lima beans, as I don’t eat them myself.

You see, even when I was little, I knew that you would be mine someday. I knew that there was a little girl who needed a family and I wanted her to be mine.

I still do.

Love, Mom


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4 thoughts on “Dear Daughter: I’ve Known for a Long Time

  1. This is why you keep those precious momentos of childhood. Some day they come back to inspire you and others. I love you Beth.

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