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Sonic Fundraiser

Did you know that Sonic had fundraisers? I guess in the dark recesses of my mind, I’d tucked that fact away somewhere but when a church friend (SHOUT OUT, RITA!) told me she wanted to organize one for us, I was surprised. Tomorrow, we’ll be at a Sonic in Carrollton from 9-6, stuffing food bags and delivering things to customers to work for donations (read: tips) that go towards our adoption. I’m sure it will be fun.

Here are some of the promotions I’ve done this week on my facebook. For some reason, it’s all been Renaissance themed.

Friends, Romans, Those that live near Carrollton, lend me your ears,
We come to adopt a child, not to birth one,
The good that men do at Sonic often lives after them
The sugary drinks are oft interred with their bones
So let it be with Beth and Alex,
the noble brutes have told you Sonic is delicious.
– Shakespeare

romeo et juliet

Simon and Garfunkel

If you’re in the Dallas area, we’d love to meet you! Come on out! We’ll be there all day.

If you want to read more about our adoption, you can click here or here.

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