Gratitude Project

Gratitude Project: Day 25

Because I am a a psycho who likes to stress herself out, we hosted a conspiracy dinner a mere week after we moved into our new house. Before the move, I was clipping letters out of magazines to glue onto the invitations whilst I sat among boxes begging to be packed. (Also, the invitations stated that we would have “New World H’orderves”, which might be the most clever thing that has ever entered my brain).   We had invited about 10 people that we had met in such various places as college, a Girl Scouts job, and a Lady Gaga birthday party.

Because of the nature of such a party, I cannot disclose the identity of our guests, but I can tell you that we watched this documentary about the Federal Reserve and then we enjoyed dinner together.

In the midst of the dinner, I was able to sit back for a second and just watch our guests enjoy each other’s company- talking, laughing, eating, discussing various conspiracy theories and their relative merits. It was enough to make me weep with gratitude.

Alex and I love hosting things- parties, dinners, movie nights, game nights, Bible studies, sleepy Korean students. We routinely (at least once a week) have people in our home. Just this week, we had a Halloween party on Wednesday, Tearjerker movie night on Friday, and a Bible study on Saturday.  During each gathering, I try to stop being hostess for a moment and take in all of the wonderful things that are happening in our home. I try to stop and take a mental picture of all the fun that is being had and I take a moment to give thanks to God for blessing us with a house where we can create memories like this.

Since the second we moved into this house, God has confirmed that this is where He wants us. These two introverts are thankful to have a home that is easily accessible and comfortable- a place where people can come and kick their shoes off and let their hair down.

Today, I’m feeling thankful for this house and all of the opportunities it gives us to love people.

One thought on “Gratitude Project: Day 25

  1. The house is just a building without the love created by the people within. You are spot on about God being in this place. Beautiful.

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