You Can Depends on Me

My family is notorious for playing pranks. Okay, when I say family, I mean, father.  I leaped into my bed until I was…..(Doesn’t matter. All that matters now is that our mattresses are sitting directly on the floor.) Moving on, I jumped into my bed so that the serial killers hiding under it wouldn’t grab my ankles and suck me under. Where would I get this idea? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe from my father hiding under my bed and grabbing my ankles when I went to crawl in.  When my parents were first married, my dad would jump out at my mom in the dark house. She put an end to that real quick with her tears and her fists. We used to put a rubberband around the hose in the kitchen sink- the thing that you pull out so you can reach the other side. When you rubberband the little button, the next person to turn the sink on gets sprayed. You get the idea, right?

So, that’s where I get it from. If I love you, I prank you.

Alex had to learn this the hard way. At our old apartment, the master bath had no windows. Sometimes, while Alex was showering, I would go in and brush my teeth and then accidentally turn the lights off when I left. Alex would have to scream for me to come rescue him from the all encompassing darkness. Well, once I randomly got the brilliant idea to turn the lights off and stay in the bathroom.  In the pitch black, Alex did his normal pleading with me. When I didn’t respond, he opened the shower curtain and stuck his arm out to reach the light switch. Fortunately for me, his watch glows in the dark. I grabbed his arm and screamed and he responded with a double hand slap to my chest (and a scream). I’m really glad that his adrenline didn’t say, “PUNCH ATTACKER IN THE FACE.” I wish I had a picture of his face. I laughed for about 72 hours afterwards.

Let me start the story of  this week’s prank with a picture.

Size XL, please!

 A week or so ago, I was flipping through the coupons and I stopped on a page advertising some very popular adult diapers, the name of which may or may not be in the title of this post. It said that you could request a free sample and whamo, I signed my little sister up for a free pair of XL diapers, complete with coupon book. 

For me, the best part of a prank is right before it happens. Usually my maniacal laughter gives it away.  I had a week to think about how awesome it would be. I texted Leah’s roommate and told her to be on the look out for any suspicious packages.

So on Tuesday, Leah sends me and my parents an email containing the picture above, calling us scondrels. I claimed it almost immediately and told her that I would have to use the picture on my blog.  I called her later that night and she said that she initially thought it was a box of checks and freaked out when she opened it.

The funny thing is that she can’t call me any of our usual, sisterly insults because it just makes the whole thing funnier- you little toot, fart face, poop brains.

She swears that something is coming. We’ll see.

It’s always April Fools in the Feemster household.

2 thoughts on “You Can Depends on Me

  1. OK I deny some of this. For instance Beth I did not hide under your bed but I did tell you about my friend Greg Gallagher whose brothers hid under his bed forcing him to jump into bed from the door of his room so he wouldn’t be pulled under. The rest is true. Sorry Alex. Good one on Leah though!

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