Life with Jesus

The Duplex….

is finito.

No, not “finito” in the sense that the faulty wiring in the kitchen light caught on fire and turned our duplex into a towering inferno of doom (yet). And no, we didn’t drive to our landlord’s house and rip up the lease in her front yard (like so many people have told us to do).

It’s finito because we’ve finally unpacked the last box, hung the last picture, and threw away the last parting gift from the last tenant. It feels good to have a Saturday where I actually have nothing on my list.

Sure, the guest bathroom sink strangely became completely stopped up after we put Drano in it, and we still need to patch that hole in the ceiling of the laundry room so that unsuspecting critters (think: possum) don’t find their way into our house, and last night, 15 minutes before we were expecting company, Alex discovered an entire colony of ants had taken up residence in his turtle pen, nearly killing Lunchbox (it was touch and go there for a while, but the turtle is going to live) and last night the A/C was at a balmy 83 degrees, after for 4 hours . But…no place is perfect and we’re happy that we’re finally finished.

In the meantime, God has been reminding me of His Goodness. We are so, so blessed with great family and friends. I hope your summer is as exciting and fun as mine has been.


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