Life with Jesus

Normal Behavior

Too much alcohol often causes irresponsible and childish behaviour. Undressing in public, jumping in canals, etc, etc. Please don’t make a fool of yourself. People who live here do not appreciate any of this. Have some fun but show some respect.

Urinating in public

Dirty habit, always committed by men…..


If you visit one of the women, we would like to remind you, they are not always women. Don’t take pictures of the women, it might get you in trouble. Outside on the streets, don’t shout or use bad language towards these women. Show some respect. In case you have any problem with a girl or a pimp, don’t hesitate to ask a policeman/women, we know why you’re here and you can hardly surprise us anymore.

Soft Drugs

When you feel sick after smoking or eating space cake, drink lots of water with sugar, something sweet will put you right again.


Excerpts from Police and Safety page from the Amsterdam Tour Book

4 thoughts on “

  1. ive undressed in public but ive never jumped in a canal- i must be 50% normal.ive urinated it public… countless times. im a dirty man.
    i want to go to amsterdam.take me with you.i assume your going?haha if you are, im your automatic travel buddy.

  2. i’ve urinated in a parking lot a few times….
    hey hey hey! sarah taillon and i were hit on by a guy with a kid! he was a walking advertisement for getting premarital preggers syndrome. (that’s going in my next blog entry.)

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