Life with Jesus

Tonight I made sour cream chicken enchiladas for a family at our church. Aside from not having most of the spices that I needed, and doing it while everyone was coming in and out and saying “I’m HUNGRY”, it was very successful. Here’s my funny story:

The sauce that you soak the tortillas in has full green chiles in it, and as you all know, I don’t eat vegetables. However, I do eat pureed vegetables (which reminds me of Elizabeth and my “open faced roast beef sandwich” feeding experinece at the Alzheimer’s unit. it’s pretty much liquid meat on a piece of white bread. sick). So I brough a blender and I put in sour cream, the left over enchilada sauce, and another can of green chiles. Well, silly us, we put the sour cream in the bottom so the blender was just blending the sour cream and not getting the vegetables. I had the brilliant idea to stick a fork in the blender while it was going so I could push the green chiles down. It worked marvelously until the fork hit the propellor and a giant ball of enchilada sauce went flying up into the air (in slo-mo, just like the movies!). Where did it land? You guessed it, right on my head. It was in my hair; it was dripping onto my shorts. Everyone was standing around laughing. I almost laugh cried but quickly got control of myself. It was very exciting.

Sometimes I forget that God controls all aspects of my life, even funny things happening to me. When I try to take my sense of humor into my own hands is usually when I’m the most boring. Then there are days like today where I am blessed with a reason to laugh at myself.

What do you think?

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