Life with Jesus

So if you’re like me, even a little (for example, if we have the same knee caps or something) then you would enjoy junior high ministry because I enjoy it with everything that is in me (yeah, even my knee caps).

Here are some reasons why i love it so much (via pictures from our retreat this weekend):

1) They get excited. We read 1 Peter 2:19 which says that we belong to God and we got pumped up. So pumped up that we wrote God on the bottom of our foot (like Andy writing his name on the bottom of Woody’s foot in  Toy Story).

2) They let you be a kid again and there’s no judging. I.E. we played flashlight tag and split up into teams by the color of beard that was drawn on your face. You were either a black beard or a brown beard. PS- Ignore the fat arm please and thank you.

(This is Bert and Kenny)

3) They are real. They don’t try to give you the right answer, the churchy answer, because no one has taught them that they should yet. I think the best word to use is “raw”.

4) (not the last thing that i love, by far, but I’ve run out of pictures that would make sense to you, the reader) They are unashamed about having fun. We talked boys, danced, screamed, laughed, joked, and crafted. What more could you want?

Here’s the llama dance from Emperor’s New Groove:

So, that was my weekend. God was extremely faithful (like everything we prayed for happened) and the girls grew in the Lord, but so did I.

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