Life with Jesus

Well, it’s only 1pm and God has already taught me something huge today.  After the shower this morning, my nose stud fell out but I didn’t realize it until I was walking out to my carro to go to Half Price books (whoop).  Get this. When I discovered that it was missing, I got self conscious. I felt like I looked like everyother girl that walked by. There was nothing different about me anymore.  I cried and wept and gnashed my teeth. Then I bought some Vonnegut books. I was thinking about my Christian walk through all of this and the question that I posed to myself was this: What makes me different from any other person- believer or non-believer? Sadly, the only thing I could come up with was that I have consistent quiet times. I realized, that while I worry about looking different on the outside, my human nature desires to be like everyone else spiritually.  It’s a catch 22- I want to be unique but not too unique.  Well, it’s time for me to live differently than others. To love unconditionally, to share (eek) unconditionally.  It’s time for me to radically change the way I see life and how I live it. That is all.

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