Life with Jesus

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  1. bethhhhh are you still alive?!?!?! i havent heard from you in foreverrrrrrrr….final exam time huh??? i know it is for me! and i think i’m about to lose it!

  2. sharing bold party blend blue print: pokey takes 1/3rd, leaving the rye chips, then mails the bag to you. then YOU take your third, also leaving the rye chips, and then mail the bag to me! THEN i’ll eat my 3rd, plus rye chips. that means that my third is more than a third. it seems like a pretty inefficient plan, buuuut….SHARING PLAN COMMENCE!!!

  3. we need to come up with a name for the society, or it would be equally cool if it had no name…  just an idea!

  4. ahh i am very excited/honored at both the opportunity and the analogy to the president.  i am sorta glad we are friends…

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