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Oh goodness, here’s my extreme Spanish story for the day.  I have a Spanish presentation next Tuesday over a story that we’re reading. My part is to read the story and summarize it. My group has been meeting like everyday this week (which I didn’t understand- we had a week!) but I hadn’t been able to make it. Well after philosophy today, I came back and I had roughly two hours of spare time. Well, for some reason, beyond understanding, I got motivated to work on this project. I read through the story and handwrote some notes. Then I typed them. It was almost time for class and I thought about finishing it later, but I thought, “Eh, what the heck? I might as well finish right now.” So as I was walking out the door, I grabbed the extras from the printer to give to my group so they can check over it. I get to class a minute early, sit down, and Chelsea and Ben, members of my group, have their parts and they are reading through it. Bizarre. Then all of a sudden it clicked. BOOM.  I said, “BEN, is our presentation TODAY?” He said, “YES!” Then I almost passed out at my near certain death at not having done any work at all on the presenation.  The presentation went off well. God is frickin’ awesome. He grants us motivation when we think we don’t need it.

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  1. Haha I’ve been in situations like that, well, not exactly (I’m not in college yet) but extremely parallel. Every time I think of someone actually majoring in Spanish chills run down my spine. How do you do it Beth? How do you do it? I have enough trouble as it is in a regular Spanish 2 highschool course…You impress me Beth, you impress me.

  2. why… why… why will you not be at a&m this weekend of all weekends?!  bethhhhhhh its ISLAND PARTY! shawn mcdonald, robbie seay band, matt kearny and mute math!!! its untoppable!! amazing list of musicians and soo much fun to be had! oh how you  break my heart!

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