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2 Samuel 24:1-17 Beth paraphrase

Okay, God is angry at Israel and David isn’t sure what to do. Satan presents him with the idea of conducting a census.  David succombs to it and commands Joab to go take a census. Joab says, “God will multiply our troops a hundred times over! Why are you doing this?” David was stubborn and told them to do it. So they did. There were over a million soldiers.  So then, David’s conscience gets the best of him and he confesses and asks for forgiveness. Gad, the prophet, goes to David and gives him three options from the Lord: 1. Three years of famine 2. Three days of plague 3. Three months of fleeing from your enemies. David indirectly takes door number 2.  So lots of people die and then David pleads with the Lord and builds him an altar.

I have always hated the phrase “Counting your chickens before they hatch.”  I mean, honestly, who has time to count chickens? This passage is about trusting God.  David didn’t. Bad things happened. Instead of relying on God to provide what he needed, he “made sure” that he had enough men, which he didn’t.  I know that I do this. Mostly with my money.  I think about all these things that God is calling me to do and how much they cost and then I hoard my money because I’m saving it up for holier purposes than buying someone lunch.  Let me tell you, God blesses what you give away. Put your money in Him, not expecting anything back, and He will bless you.  Sometimes, being a Christian means taking chances and trusting God. I’m not saying don’t save money, God might tell you too. I’m just asking that you would prayerfully consider how to trust God in a certain situation.  Depend on him and he will bless you with things othere than a very hard multiple choice question.

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  1. oh beth mcfeemster!  i like you.  and i think you really have a knack for interpreting the bible and relating it to everyday life.  you would make a great pastor.  or a great scuba diver.

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