Life with Jesus

Okay, so here are the highlights of the junior high retreat (be ready):

1.  We played Pretty Pretty Princess. Within the span of about 45 minutes, we lost an earring in the woods, found it, and the crown got snapped in half. But don’t worry, I’ve properly ductaped it back and now we have Ghetto Fab Pretty Pretty Prinzces.

2.  I learned how to do a really fun jump.

3. I met my new friend, the CIT (counselor in Training), Blair. We made a club. It’s the B squared Club.

4.  I got shaving creme shoved into my mouth twice, flour pelted at me, and spattered with watered down horses oats. And I enjoyed every minute.

5.  I jumped and screamed and clapped more than I ever have in my whole life.

6. I taught them the Llama dance off the Emperor’s New Groove special features.

7. I led a Reflection time and was affirmed that I should teach next year if they ask.

8. Aaron, Blair, and I got hopelessly lost in Tyler, TX.  Aaron had his MP3 player with him and we listend to “And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”  Then we ate at Sonic while the rest of the camp had Taco Salad (ewww).

9.  I watched a 7th grade boy do an actual cheer because he “had been a cheerleader in 1st Grade”

10. (get ready for junior high humor) Colton, my SAM brother, told me that he pooped and the turd was so big that it would have stopped up the toilets.  So, the logical thing to do is to take it out of the toilet and put it in a Ziploc bag and leave it laying around the cabin in various places. I’m so proud.

11. I figured out that these kids can be just as spiritual as you and I.  They have the same questions most college kids do.

I’ll tell you more later …maybe.  Just know that God moved in a mighty way.

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  1. I have 5 conclusions from my trip to college station:
    1. yelling whoop like morons out of the car through the streets of college station is liberating.  2.  BYX at a&m knows how to really throw an island party.  3.  The wind lies to you, and even when its not hot you get a sunburn  4.  college station has a lot of litter. (dirty little aggies) 5. God made the right decision putting me at UNT, because army men walking all over my college would scare me, and so do all of the really really big building that look alike.
    but i missed you, and i don’t know josh, so i don’t know if i saw him, ask him if he saw the hippie kid in the bright green skirt and black top… my friends and i kinda stood out in the sea of denim.

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