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Plan G- Update

So, the Baby got his g-tube placed a few months ago. As a surgery, it was pretty straightforward. He came home with the site covered in gauze so we couldn’t even see any of the…recovery process. It took a few weeks for him to get back to normal. In short…it’s been awesome. He’s still eating … Continue reading

Life with Jesus


The small manBuilds cages for everyoneHeKnows.While the sage,Who has to duck his headWhen the moon is low,Keeps dropping keys all night longFor theBeautifulRowdyPrisoners. God, I love Hafiz. He’s a Sufi mystic poet from the 14th century. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across him but his poems are witty and beautiful and jaw-dropping. Once, … Continue reading

Embody Me
Gratitude Project

Embody Me

(In an effort to jump-start the writer’s block that Zoloft put before me, I’ll try to write every day this month. Most won’t be long and I might try a few different things. This is a stream of consciousness writing from yesterday that I didn’t get to edit until today. So this is from yesterday…) … Continue reading

The Baby

Plan G

Recently, my sister was telling me about her first Reiki massage, where the guy waved his hands around to clear her energy. Near the end, he basically pushed his fist into her stomach until he stroked her spine, told her that she didn’t need to be a people pleaser anymore, and then left the room, … Continue reading